Connecting You

Many people in our network have had their livelihood disrupted in the past few weeks. Some are trying to ramp up their remote work, some are slashing prices in hopes of getting more work.

Amid the uncertainty and toilet paper shortage, we wanted to come up with some way to help everyone survive. Having worked in a few different fields such as tech, marketing, event management, journalism, and music, we might be able to connect people across industries.

If you offer any of the services below, or are in need of those services, get in touch. If there’s a service you provide that I haven’t listed, please let us know too.

Service providers

If you’d like to be included, please comment on the post below with the following info:

  1. Your name
  2. Your location (so people know which time zone you’re in)
  3. Your website (so people can get in touch)
  4. One or two sentences about which of the services below you’re offering.
    Be sure to include any discounts you’re offering. Please keep it brief.


If your livelihood is secure at the moment but you would like to help people to take their services online and/or volunteer in some way, please also comment below or get in touch with us.

The List

  • For your kids:
    1. Live online entertainment for your kids, such as storytelling or sing-alongs.
    2. Live online teaching (music, math, arts).
  • For your entertainment and wellbeing:
    1. Live online private concerts.
    2. Live online exercise/yoga/pilates/meditation classes.
    3. Live cooking demonstrations.
    4. Live painting.
    5. Various remote consultations.
    6. Artwork for sale.
    7. Music for sale. * Bandcamp is waiving processing fees for purchases on Friday March 19. If your favorite indie band is on there, Friday is a good day to buy and support them!
  • For businesses and creative entrepreneurs:
    1. Video editing, animation, and other video services.
    2. Music for your corporate videos.
    3. Voice over talent for your corporate videos.
    4. Design services.
    5. Website localization (translation) services.
    6. Website design/ usability review.
    7. Help moving your business online.
    8. Translation services.
    9. Editing (writing) services.
    10. Content writing services.
    11. Marketing & PR services.
    12. Software development services.
  • For music creators:
    1. Production services.
    2. Mixing services.
    3. Mastering services.
    4. Session vocals & toplining.
    5. Session instrumentalists.
    6. Songwriting consultations.
    7. Acoustic treatment consultations.

Resources for musicians

UPDATED 3/18: A List of Artist Relief Resources in Response to COVID-19

We’re hoping this will help some people get good deals and others get good gigs in these strange times. We will manually approve comments to make sure there’s no spam. We will also be sharing it with our mailing lists to connect more people to each other. Share with people who could use this.

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