Lies in a Coffee Shop (or why this blog exists)

This is us: Sherry & George.

We’re partners in life, business, music, furniture making, and pretty much everything else.

We met at a little coffee house open mic.

The story goes a bit like this:

One of us had just moved to Silicon Valley and was in search of new co-writers. She saw him play a few original tunes and quite enjoyed it. Sensing that their musical styles would blend well, she asked the other whether he ever collaborates on songwriting. Perplexed, he lied and said yes! Little did they know what would happen next…


With no repertoire in common, the baby boomer and the millennial had no choice but to  give each other some homework. Some Coldplay for you, some Duke Ellington for me. Homework required practice of course. Soon, the practice sessions became a nightly jam as a great friendship developed. The record was 23 hours of jamming. Then, on the 23rd Hour, they wrote their first song together.

Both left that session knowing two things:

  • they had now become inseparable, and
  • they would have a lot of trouble staying awake at work that day.

Needless to say, a considerable amount of coffee has since been consumed by the pair. 

Five years later

In addition to music, we’ve collaborated on making a painting, a dining table, a vegetable garden, garden art, and more. We have so much fun working together that we’ve both left our day jobs to create our own company. We sold or donated a good chunk of our worldly possessions and embarked on a never-ending adventure of music-making, writing, hustling and wanderlust. This blog is where we chronicle our journey and share anecdotes and insights as temporary professional vagabonds. Welcome and please subscribe!

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