Best of the Mind-Boggling Bathrooms

Or put simply: bathroom designs that simply don’t make any sense to us.

House hunting is a grueling experience, especially in California. Not only do the homes boast exorbitant prices, but they come with dated loos to match. As we scroll through endless Zillow and Trulia listings, it is impossible not to find humor in what we’re presented. Here’s our “Best Of The Mind-Boggling Bathrooms”, a.k.a who the hell thought that was a good idea?

Moon the City of Stars

Unique chance to moon the city of stars! This is for you if you’re a naughty house hunter in LA.

You are banished to the corner… Where everyone from the street can see you…
When you’re done, there’s enough space for you to cartwheel to the sink to wash your hands!

Seriously, what the? So many questions…

The Watch Tower

Here’s a nice little sitting area, right by your new toilet.

Look at them palm trees! And you can watch the people too! LA people are fun to watch right? You could watch them all day! Don’t even need to move to go to the bathroom… In fact, you can watch the people, the palms AND the toilet at the same time.


Something Fishy

Okay maybe your kid was into nemo and really wanted this sink…

How long did you think that was gonna last?

And how exactly does the red tile get chosen to complete the design?

And why make the border black over white, just like toilet bowls in public bathrooms?

Try as I may, the vision behind this esthetic eludes me.

If Barbie Married Into the Addams Family

How would you like to have an ornate chateau-style bathroom with a teeeeeny single sink?

Oh and btw, it comes in mould green with sateen finish.

Oh and the walls are a complementing cold shade of Barbie pink.

Neo-vintage? Bubblegum-Noire? Haunted fairytale? I think there’s a whole new genre here.

All Angles Attack

Luxury can come down on you like a cold shower.

And you know how much we love Shower Roulette.

Nothing more fun than getting doused with cold water from 8 additional jets on top of the rain shower and the handheld one.

8-bit Color Tiles

Nothing makes me feel more at home than a welcoming, Jelly-Bean inspired tiled bathroom with a sink the shape of a printer USB connector. They must know we’re techies.

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