Things We Bought Because of Instagram Ads

I hate ads. Except when they’re actually useful. The way that Instagram knows what ads are relevant to me is as convenient as it is scary. Here are recent purchases we made because I saw an Instagram ad for it and thought “I actually need this”. If you’d like to check them out for yourselves, we have links at the very bottom of the post.

Ruggable: Washable Rugs

We had a dilemma. We wanted a rug to make the room more cozy, but we both do not like how rugs are just dust traps. Instagram knew that, and served me ads for this gem: beautiful washable rugs! We found this 5′ x 7′ rug that had just the right balance of neutral tones and a pop of color.

Mixtiles: From Your Phone to Your Wall (Framed Photos)

One of the joys of getting an apartment after being nomads for 4 months was being able to hang our art and photos on the wall. Mixtile eliminates most of the inconveniences of traditional photo-hanging. No holes in your wall. No need to print, then find a frame that will fit. The photos come printed and framed, with an adhesive at the back. The adhesive is reusable. I can move them around and the frame still sticks. It’s a great gift, and a sleek look.

Public Goods: Gentle on the Wallet & the Planet

Isn’t it time consuming to sort through a gazillion brands of soap, shampoo, canned tuna, pasta and everything else? What if I told you there was a brand that offered good quality products that were gentle on the environment reasonably priced? Enter Public Goods. Whether it’s their food items or their personal care products, I like not having to think about it. The packaging is also very sleek and recyclable.

Rothy’s: Shoes Made of Recycled Plastic Bottles

These shoes are super soft and comfortable. You do have to order a half size up, but they fit great and are very durable. I’ve walked the streets of Sevilla, Porto, Maui, and Mauritius in these for extended periods of time and they are still good as new. They’re expensive, but as my only pair of loafers and most versatile pair of shoes, they’re worth every penny.

Links & Disclaimer

The following links will give you a discount for trying these products out. If you do buy from them, we will receive a small commission. A small reward for introducing you to your new favorite brand. However, please know that we are not recommending those for the commission. We really do love using those products. You should only purchase them if you feel they would enhance your life too.

Get 15% off Ruggable

Get 20% off Rothy’s

Get $20 off Public Goods

Get Mixtiles App (sorry I don’t have a discount code for this one)

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