Which Holiday Mood Are You In?

There are two types of people. Those who love the holiday season, and those who can’t wait for it to be over. If you’re the former, you’re in luck!

We’ve curated a few different playlists tailored to different types of holiday moods you might be into. In addition to the all-time holiday classics, you’ll also find fresh re-imaginations of them, as well as completely new holiday songs by independent artists.

Our playlists are on both Apple Music and Spotify, and come in 6 different flavors!

Holiday Baking & Brunch

Looking for a mellow playlist for your morning baking or a low-key brunch? Try our “Holiday Baking & Brunch” playlist.

Spotify | Apple Music

Holiday Cocktail Hour

Time to open bottle of wine or enjoy a pre-dinner aperitif? Our jazzy “Holiday Cocktail Hour: Classics & Fresh Finds” will be a great companion.

Spotify | Apple Music

Holiday Party

Ready for some more high-energy holiday boppers? Try our pop-focused “Holiday Party” playlist.

Spotify | Apple Music

Weird & Wonderful Xmas

Feeling quirky and looking to hear less conventional-sounding holiday songs? We have some really out-of-the-box selections on the “Weird & Wonderful Xmas” list.

Spotify | Apple Music

Lonely Christmas

You love the holidays but are missing someone terribly this year? “Lonely Christmas” might be the fireside companion you seek.

Spotify | Apple Music

Our Holiday Music

Finally, in case you didn’t know, we make music when we’re not working on this blog. We also have a playlist featuring all of our holiday releases.

Spotify | Apple Music

You can find all of these playlists for either Apple or Spotify on 23rdhr.com/stream

If you do check out these playlists, let us know how you like them! We hope to introduce you to some new favorites that will bring cheer to your holiday season for years to come.

Shout-out to the independent musicians featured (in no particular order):

  • 23rd Hour
  • Danielle Hollobaugh
  • Pajamaramas
  • Michelle Lockey
  • David Thiele
  • Colin & Caroline
  • Juliet Lyons
  • Rehya Stevens
  • Danger Twins
  • Kristin Chambers
  • Sherry-Lynn Lee

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