Tiramisu without mascarpone

Tiramisu is George’s favorite dessert. When my friend Rubaab mentioned she made it, I asked her for her recipe. However, I ended up modifying the recipe slightly to replace the mascarpone with coconut cream.

When I posted about it on my instagram story, several people asked me if the recipe was vegan and if I could share. I regret to inform you it is not vegan, but I’m sure you could find an egg substitute. It is dairy-free though. George and I both really like the added coconut flavor and this is now our favorite tiramisu. Let us know if you try it yourself and how you like it!


24 lady fingers (biscuit boudoir)

3 large eggs

50g monk fruit or brown sugar. See note 1.

250g coconut whipping cream (or 250g mascarpone). See note 2.

Up to 1 tbsp xantum gum or other thickening agent. See note 3.

1/4 tsp vanilla

50ml coffee/kalhua coffee liqueur mixture


1. I use monk fruit because of the low caloric content, but sugar is fine. The original recipe was 100g of brown sugar, but I always make it less sweet. Lady fingers will have a lot of sugar already, so I didn’t feel the need to add that much sugar.

2. If your local supermarket does not have coconut whipping cream, just take a can of regular coconut milk and put it in the fridge for a few hours. When you open it, the cream and coconut water will have separated. Drain the water and save it for something else. Use the creamy part for this recipe.

3. The thickening agent is only needed if you’re using coconut cream instead of mascarpone. I still haven’t quite gotten the perfect ratio yet, but you shouldn’t have to use much.


1. Separate egg yolk and white

2. Mix the yolk, sugar and vanilla with your electric mixer until creamy.

3. Add the coconut whipping cream.

4. Beat the egg white until it has a light foamy texture and add to the mixture.

5. If the mixture is too watery, add some of the thickening agent and mix until the texture is somewhat between pancake batter and cake batter consistency. Basically it has to be similar to what mascarpone would be. Be careful not to add too much of the thickening agent or the mixture might become too heavy.

6. Pour the coffee/kalhua mixture in a large shallow bowl.

7. Soak the lady fingers in the mixture for a few seconds on each side. If you leave them too long they will absorb all the liquid and will get really soggy. It’s ok if they aren’t completely soaked. If you’re using the coconut method, there will be plenty of liquid to soften it later on.

8. Place one layer of lady fingers in your baking dish. Mine is about 9”x9”.

9. Cover with a layer of the creamy mixture.

10. Alternate between the lady fingers and the cream, finishing with a layer of cream.

11. Sprinkle some cocoa powder on top. I use a sifter to achieve a more uniform, light coating.

12. Refrigerate for 4-6 hours before serving.

13. Optional: add a few fresh raspberries on top of each serving as you serve.

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