Water sports

After two months of traveling the islands of the Indian Ocean and South Africa, we are heading home, except that we have no home.

We are living the life of vagabonds. We sold our home in the San Francisco Bay Area a year ago. We did keep an apartment for a year, but after multiple trips throughout the U.S. and to Europe (Portugal and Spain) we decided to put everything into storage and travel.

Near the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa. Next penguin colony, 4.500 miles south.

Now we are heading back to California to visit some family and handle a few mundane things like taxes and doctor visits.

After that, we are not sure. The Bay Area has been home for a long, long time. But since neither of us have steady gigs in the high tech industry any more, there isn’t much to keep us here. We are essentially transitioned into our new line of work — and our passion — music. We do love the Bay Area, but it is not a musician’s paradise.


So we’ll be on the road a bit more, examining more closely the L.A. basin and greater Nashville. We’ve made a few trips to Nashville. We love the vibe. It is truly Music City. But outside the city borders, we would be in a Red, Red state. And then there is L.A. For what we are trying to do: which is compose music for licensing for film and TV, it’s the place to be. But can we survive the drivers? Debatable.

We’ll keep you posted …

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