Our little corner of the world

We hail from different hemispheres of the globe. I am a New England boy and Sherry, although born in Canada, claims Mauritius as her homeland. For those of you who don’t know, the island nation of Mauritius lies smack dab in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

After Sherry and I met, traveled the world, and finally settled down in Southern California, it seemed only fitting to create a display space for a few mementos representing our origins.

Taking it from the top: The paneling in this photo is reclaimed lumber from the great state of Maine. I’ve written before about this here.

Adorning the wall is our “little Chickadee.” This painting also comes from Maine and is the handiwork of Kit Munroe, an old friend with whom I’ve recently become reacquainted.

Kit and I crossed paths briefly one summer during our teen years in the Pine Tree state. She is the third generation of artists, following in the footsteps of her mother and her mother’s mother.

You can find more of Kit’s work at her Etsy site.

The triangular stone vase is a piece of Connecticut Bluestone. It was in the Nutmeg State that I was born and spent my earliest years.

The snake plant in the mason jar and the yellow “treasure flower” in the stone vase are plants native to Africa. Geographically, Mauritius is part of the African continental plate.

And that brings us to the mask. This African-style work was a gift from Sherry’s Mom and was made in Mauritius.

We are missing an artifact from our northern neighbor to represent Sherry’s birthplace, so we will need to add that one of these days.

Finally, we come to the rabbit. This little guy was created by sister Francine and her husband Mike. It is made of redwood from California. I’ve written before about this artistic duo, which you can read about here.

That’s it. Our humble tribute to the places we’re from.

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