Take a meeting

কলিকাতাThe plan was this: three of us would fly into Kolkata to meet with a key business partner, discuss our spiffy new project and sell the partner on working with us. My role: play the guy from  America, the one who flew all the way here,  proving this project is really important. My colleagues, Ashok and …

School children (I counted 14) on a field tripGuards with automatic weaponsat Mumbai Airport. Security is sotight (after the terrorist attacks)that you have show your boarding passto get off the plane.Ubiquitous 3-wheel motorized rickshaws. They run on 2-strokeengines that have to be pull-started and they're operatedwith motorcycle handlebars. Most drivers operate barefoot.

Cuisine choices

Sign in a restaurant:"We have non-vegetarian choices"In a conversation with an accommodating colleague, who wanted to make sure I felt at home:"Hey George, did you get lunch, would you like a burger or something?""No, thanks, I'm fine.""You sure, no burger?""No I'm fine, really. Maybe something to drink.""A Coke?"A nice spot for a picnic

My driver seemed proud of India's new fleet of F-16's,though from what Wikipedia tells me, India hasmostly Mig-29s, dubbed the Baaz,, which is Hindifor "Hawk." 


Rice paddies from the air, heading into Kolkata. The reddish areas are furnaces for making bricks.

By the numbers

A few facts and figures:Bangalore population: 10 millionLicensed motorcycles: 3 millionBy my count during the week:Percentage riders wearing helmets: Maybe 20%, usually the driver, rarely the passengersMost riders on one motorcycle: 4: Dad at the controls, Mom on the back and two kids sandwiched in betweenMost riders including animals: 4: Dad at the control, dog …