Making friends everywhere I go

I heard a little voice behind me: “Where are you from?”
I turned to see a boy of about 5, peering up with bright eyes and a pleasant smile.
“I’m from the United States,” I said, then adding, “California … do you know where that is?”
He shook his head affirmatively.
“Hold out your hand,” said the boy’s Dad, who was standing nearby, but far enough away to allow the boy some independence.
We shook hands and I asked him his name. It sounded like Sanjev. I told him mine and handed him by business card.
I asked him where he might be going. He told me the name of the city but I didn’t quite catch it.

I wished him a good flight and then said: If you come to California, I will take you to lunch.” He smiled and his Dad chuckled. We said  good-bye and went on our separate ways.

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