In Today’s India Times

6-year old girl dies after falling into a boiling vat of soup at her school. It is the second such incident recorded
4 workers electrocuted to death and four others sustain serious burns while erecting a statue of a Ganesh idol (don’t know what that is, gotta look it up)  after the statue came into contact with a power line
Four-month-old infant apparently kidnapped from an open rickshaw
Continuing coverage of the Delhi gang-rape (which, of course, has garnered worldwide attention)
And in case you find all that news utterly depressing:

In the “Soulful” Section, headline: “The soul is attracted toward rebirth” (Summary, if you are attracted toward earthly things and feeling unfilled, your karma will carry into the afterlife and you will be inclined to want to return to earth to seek satisfaction. Moral, of course, being to seek the spiritual over the physical world to attain true fulfillment.)

4 Replies to “In Today’s India Times”

  1. Ganesh as you most likely know by now is a symbol of prosperity. It is an elephant head. You most likely have seen hundreds of them and now you will notice them.Maybe if the workers survived the ordeal they will win a heft law suit. Do they believe in an eye for eye?


  2. I think the “Soulful” Section sums up a lot for me. It doesn't matter if you are a taxi driver, or a locker room attendant. Do your job with grace and guided by spirit. (I don't know how you could do it the western way full of ego and comparison).At least that's what I am taking from this trip. Thanks for taking us along George I thoroughly enjoyed every story. Totally loved the send off from the little boy at the airport.Tom


  3. Thanks. I hadn't had a chance to look up Ganesh. Good to know. Yup, you're right … no matter what your station in life, it has as much meaning as any other. That is definitely what you feel here. Thanks for the comments …


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