By the numbers

A few facts and figures:
Bangalore population: 10 million
Licensed motorcycles: 3 million
By my count during the week:
Percentage riders wearing helmets: Maybe 20%, usually the driver, rarely the passengers
Most riders on one motorcycle: 4: Dad at the controls, Mom on the back and two kids sandwiched in between
Most riders including animals: 4: Dad at the control, dog on the gas tank between Dad’s arms, Mom in full sari on back riding side saddle and little boy in between Mom and Dad
Number of times tots were standing on the seat, sandwiched in between mom and dad on a motorcycle: 4 or 5
Preferred style of riding for woman in full length saris: side saddle
Traffic lights I observed in the week I was here: 11 (all on the way to the airport)
Accidents: 1
Number of near misses: Too many to count
Number of heart-stopping near misses: At least a dozen
Number of potholes that bottomed out the car: 5 or 6
Number of potholes that bottomed out the undercarriage of the 5-series BWM sedan and required rocking back and forth to get out: 1
Number of times I had to push the car: 0, but it was close
Number of sunny days: 0 (Weather: mild, a little muggy, but overcast the entire time)
Number of cows walking worry-free by McDonald’s and other meat-intensive fast-food joints: 1
Bloody dog fights in the middle of the street: 1

Dead dogs on the side of the road: 2

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