Hand-made gifts are the best

IT’S BECOME SOMETHING OF A FAMILY TRADITION to hand-craft our gifts. Since we have been in lockdown for the past umpteen months, there really was no excuse this year.

Sister Francine and her husband, Mike, created this beautiful little rabbit out of redwood. They aren’t sure of the genesis of the wood stock, but I’ll bet it was left over from a project, probably planters. It appears to be 2 inches thick. Our new friend is most appropriate for our little abode, since we live in an area known as Conejo Valley (conejo being Spanish for rabbit), and we have many such visitors in our back yard.

Photo by Sherry-Lynn Lee

Photo by Sherry-Lynn Lee

We, in turn, sent Francine and Mike the Rudolph Family, shown above.

These little guys were hand-carved from branches our gardener cut down on our property. Instead of throwing them in the waste bin, we gave them a new life. The scarf and ear muffs were hand-sewn by Sherry from an old kitchen towel. Other than a little glue to hold the legs in, this project consists of 99% recycled material.

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