There’s something fishy about these ornaments

SOMEHOW, AMIDST THE FLURRY of moving during a pandemic, settling in a new home, producing new music and a book, we forgot one little thing: decorations for our tree.

We were happy enough to have an actual tree. Sherry procured a live specimen and even got it delivered. So that was an accomplishment.

But, in truth, the little evergreen looked a bit lonely. And so the past two days we got to work, accessorizing our coniferous friend with hand-made tokens.

It is worth noting that in establishing our new domicile, we are starting over. A few years ago, we sold our place in Northern California. And we shed most of our personal possessions as well, so that we could travel the world.

Our very complete workshop of power tools and gadgets had been reduced to just a few chisels, hammers and saws. But that just made the challenge more interesting.

First up was a star. I took a tuna can top and snipped it into shape. A little sanding produced a decent sheen. The only problem is, well, it’s a tuna can top. Washing, scrubbing and scouring reduced the odiferous reminder of its past, but didn’t completely eliminate it.

Next up were some snow men and snow ladies. For these, I harvested some remnants of branches the gardener had cut in our back yard. Sherry did the painting.

What’s Christmas without a reindeer? Once again, the yard remnants come to good use. (And by the way, if you purchased a cut tree this year, you might consider that wood as stock for your own reindeer, rather than throwing the thing in the yard waste bin after the first of the year.)

And there you have it, our homemade decorations for the holidays.

We wish you and your loved ones and friends all the best during the holidays!

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