It never rains in California, but it pours

NEITHER SHERRY NOR I grew up in the desert, so we are acclimating to what constitutes inclement weather in these parts.

Our back yard on a rainy night. Photo by Sherry-Lynn Lee.

I grew up on the East Coast, where the heat of summer afternoons was punctuated by lightning, thunder, and a downpour. In winter, of course, we had snow, which could vary from a light dusting to a blizzard. Warm spells brought rain that then froze over the snow, which made for great ice skating on the roads before the town trucks came to sprinkle sand.

For Sherry, growing up on the tropical island of Mauritius, afternoon showers are a frequent event. If you’ve been to Hawaii, it’s very similar.

We are now in Southern California, which, geographically is a desert environment. Here, the rain is sparse throughout the year. In the winter, when precipitation does fall, it comes down in buckets, as was the case today. The storm hit over our little abode about 11 p.m. last night, with torrential hail. It’s locked in for the remainder of the day. We’ve even had a bit of lightning and thunder, very unusual for this arid region.

At any rate, it makes for a great baking day. While a few things are in the oven, we are hanging around the kitchen, doing crossword puzzles, drinking hot cocoa and enjoying the show outside.

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