Christmas miracles come in many forms

A true story from my childhood

The holidays for me invoke nostalgia, and for good reason. All in all, childhood was an idyllic time. My family was not monetarily rich by any means, but we had a lot: loving, supportive parents, siblings and relatives.

I decided to try to capture the essence of my childhood in a story that takes place over a 24-hour period, from Christmas Eve day until the following morning. It involves a certain Christmas wish that I had would require a miracle to fulfill.

The story that unfolds follows my family — two parents and seven siblings — on a journey through the prosaic events of the day, and the dramatic conclusion.

My childhood home in rural Connecticut.

My book is available on Amazon Kindle and as a paperback on Amazon. It is free to read online. But if you decide to purchase for download for 99 cents, and all proceeds during the holidays will be donated to charity.

Thanks for your support.

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