And how does your garden grow?

Sherry takes a break and relaxes in our new greenhouse.

We are putting the finishing touches on construction of a greenhouse kit. It’s made of aluminum framing and UV-filtered plastic panes.

We’ve had the kit hanging around for some time. After erecting the frame and attaching the windows, we noticed a long-term weather warning for high winds. There’s nothing like a deadline to get things done. We spent a few solid days bolting this thing to the concrete (not an easy task). The winds did put the structure to the test, but the greenhouse has come through admirably intact.

Now, Sherry is busy getting seedlings started. And she has moved a banana plant from the house to give it a bit more sun.

Meanwhile, I’ve been putting together shelves, also from a kit, which are pretty much a snap to fit together.

We have also found our new solarium a convenient place to soak in a few of the afternoon rays while enjoying a cup of tea. Temperature inside has been at least 10 degrees (Fahrenheit) warmer than outside. And on the warmer days, it’s more like a sauna!

We will write more about the process of putting it together, what we have learned.

Looking forward to having fresh herbs and vegetables through the winter!

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